Marketing That Matters

Marketing with an educational focus is the
most ethical and effective way to brand,
build and boost business.

Markeding Hero Whiteboard

- a mindset for the digital age

markeding® is a marketing revolution, a new approach to marketing that breaks down the old model and puts a new paradigm in its place — one that’s all about ethical and educational strategies. markeding® is both a noun and a verb. It’s a mashup of marketing and education, and an entirely new way to approach both when it comes to doing business.
In action, markeding® means executing your marketing strategy in an educational way. No pushy car-salesman tactics here. Every piece of content and every exchange in a markeding® strategy helps the other person understand your value and how you can change their lives.



a) A new approach in the way that people and companies think about and practice marketing.

b) The mashup of the words marketing and education. Marketing + Education = markeding®.


a) The act of teaching marketing. Marketing education.

b) Marketing execution done in an educational way. No pushy used-car sales tactics. Approaching marketing in an ethical way with a pure purpose to educate a target market. Helping people understand by being educational with content, images, video, etc.