markeding® defined

markeding_defined markeding, the mashup of the words marketing and education, is a revolutionary marketing approach that that yields and successful and sustainable results.

Lorrie Thomas Ross, aka The Marketing Therapist®, created markeding® to inspire a marketing standard that puts trust, creative mindshare, and two-way dialogue at the center, breaking down old marketing paradigms so new marketing efforts yield breakthrough results.

In action, markeding® means executing your marketing strategy in an educational way. Every piece of content and every exchange in a markeding® strategy helps the other person understand your value and how you can change their lives.

Learn more about markeding® here.


markeding® at your next event

Holding a conference, event, corporate retreat, or company meeting? Inspire and educate your attendees to elevate their marketing results in a meaningful, monetizing way by booking one of Lorrie’s markeding® keynotes or workshops.


markeding® training for your company

Educate your employees for doing business in the digital age. Lorrie works with corporations — in groups and one-on-one — to train them in this new approach to marketing and help them create breakthrough strategies.


markeding® advisory and management

Web Marketing Therapy, Inc. supports amazing organizations providing strategic advisory, training and marketing management, helping our clients learn, grow and achieve via our simple diagnose, prescribe and guide approach.